Harking back to the '80s, an Asian elephant named Kirsty was protected and transported to the now-shut Calderpark Zoo in Scotland.

There, Kirsty shaped a moment and mind blowing bond with her devoted coach and zookeeper, Peter Adamson.

The pair spent numerous years gaining from each other and fraternizing. In 1987, they were tragically part separated when she was moved to England's Chester Zoo in 1987.

Source: Little Things Tear-jerking bonding moments with her trainer after 35 years. Source: Little Things

Peter forgot about Kirsty as the years passed, yet he always remembered about her. She missed him frantically, as well, however the Chester Zoo is likewise where she met Judy — Kirsty's cherished deep rooted sidekick.

Together, Kirsty and Judy were exchanged to Dublin and lived there somewhere in the range of 1994 and 2005. They were then moved to the Neunkircher Zoo in Germany.

Peter chose he was resolved to see Kirsty once more, if at all conceivable. An Asian elephant's normal life expectancy is around 48 years, all things considered.

He in the long run discovered some data about her whereabouts on the web and was charmed to learn Kirsty was without a doubt alive and sound — and living in Germany where he was slated to relax.

Staff at the Neunkircher Zoo orchestrated their tragic get-together, 35 years really taking shape.

Peter didn't know that Kirsty, presently 52 years of age, would significantly recollect him. In any case, he was going to see whether the well-known axiom it genuine: that elephants always remember. Weird!?!